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Garage: The biggest closet in the house

Frequently, garages are a neglected, messy space that ends up as the final resting place for every household item that doesn’t have a home. When it seems that everything except the car is parked inside the garage, it’s time to invest in a garage storge system. With a new garage organization system and some storage tips, Closet Works can help you modernize and get much more use out of your garage space. Custom cabinetry and work benches that keep everything straightened out are the hallmark of the well appointed garage — and Closet Works knows how to make it happen. Clutter will be eliminated when everything has a specific place to call home — and we promise that if you stick to our plan, you will even have room for the car!

Walk-In Closets & Dressing Rooms

Walk-in closets can be a part of any room in the house, but are often the “crown jewel” of the bedroom, second only to a glamorous en suite. Although not all walk-in closets are huge, the advantages to having one can be, and are not limited to just extra storage. A beautiful walk-in closet can even add value to a home. The first and most obvious rule of designing a walk-in closet is that it provide sufficient space for organizing and storing the clothes, bags, shoes, and other accessories. There are a multitude of professional techniques for bringing out the most in any space, no matter what its size, configuration or special challenges, such as sloped ceilings. The style and appearance of the closet is limited only by your imagination.

Reach-In Closet

Design Solutions

Reach-in closets are the standard storage solution for most homes. Reconfiguring the insides of those closets with custom built organization systems can double your available storage space, as well as make things easier to find. Transform your closet from a chaotic cluttered mess to your own personal organized sanctuary. Our team works directly with you to discover your ideas and specific needs, then fashions them carefully into well crafted design solutions. No matter what size your space — from simple designs to elaborate systems — CCP has you covered.

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